First Frame International Film Festival

July 29th-Aug 1st, 2021  Live in Las Vegas


Top Prizes Include:

Distribution Deal 

Development Deal

Paid Work For Best Actor, Actress & Director

As part of
Every story begins with the first frame


Due to rising Covid cases, we want to ensure all guests attending this in-person event on their own accord are taking the appropriate steps to protect themselves and each other. 

In order to attend our festival, please follow our COVID GUIDELINES listed below:


1) Obtain a negative COVID test prior to attendance, testing done no sooner that 48 hours before the start of the festival. You must show proof of a negative COVID-19 result.

2) Masks will be worn at all times during all Festival Events.

3) We highly encourage ALL participants to get vaccinated if they have not already done so.

4) Please do not attend if you have been in close contact to someone who has tested positive within the last 14 days.   

What We're About

"Every story begins with a single frame. In its inaugural year, First Frame International Film Festival (FFI), has a mission to award filmmakers and screenwriters with more than just another laurel and fancy statue. As most know, showbiz is about who you know and how lucky you are, based on the amount of talent that goes undiscovered. We want to share our contacts and resources with our winning filmmakers and screenwriters to help them succeed in this highly competitive industry." 

 -Rob Margolies - Filmmaker

and Creator of The First Frame International Film Festival

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You didn't create your film to sit on a shelf. 

At the First Frame International Film

Festival we offer you:

Live Screenings in State of the Art Theaters
Immediate Contact With Distributors
Marketing and Sales Expertise

Competitive Awards and Exposure

Media Budgets for Promotion

We Guide You Through The 
Distribution Process

"I've been working with Rob for years and one thing I know is that he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to the creation, production and distribution of films for profit, exposure and the growth of a filmmaker's career.

     With his new festival, Margoiles and his team aim to do the same for all of the winners who showcase their work with the First Frame International Film Festival.  To my mind, this is a first in the history of Cinema events that showcase the work of in many cases unknown talent.

     Can he do it?  Of course he can and I'm even giving the First Frame Team one of my films to represent."

Del Weston - Writer / Producer / Director

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What We Offer

Our winning film will walk away with a distribution deal. The best actor, actress, and director are going to receive paid work and many other winners will get other unique prizes and consultation. 

First Frame International Film Festival 



Long Form:

Feature Film (Comedy/Drama)

Documentary Feature Film 

Foreign Feature Film

Animated Feature Film 

LGBTQ Feature Film

Horror/Sci-Fi Feature Film 

Short Form:

Short Film (Comedy/Drama)

Documentary Short Film 

Foreign Short Film 

Animated Short Film 

LGBTQ Short Film 

Horror/Sci-Fi Short Film 

TV Pilot 

Web Series

Music Video

Actor/Actress Reels 


Feature Screenplay

Short Screenplay

TV Pilot Screenplay 
Web Series Pilot Screenplay

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There is only 1 winner per category for each award. Every winner will receive a Laurel and a certificate. 


Trophies will be given in the following categories: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay.


Winners that wish to purchase trophies or additional trophies may do so at the festival.