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The Clown Affair

Directed by Wesley Foster

A mute clown encounters a bizarre world of characters after he’s tasked with delivering flowers to a woman in town. His simple task unfolds into a journey of personal transformation as he navigates a traumatic relationship with his mother, a

growing flame for the waitress at the local

bar, and of course,

his inability to speak.

Cast: Holly Anne Frink, Joseph Martinsen,

Diana Breton, Kristyn Koczur

Writer: Joseph Martinsen, Wesley Foster
Producer: Jacob van Winkle


Three Grand Souls

Directed by Johny Greenlaw

A Post Traumatic Love story.
Chuck a former Special forces vet suffering from PTSD wastes away in a motel room drinking himself to death meets Melinda,a brazen but beautiful prostitute who tries tosave his broken soul,

But is her souldarker than his?


Cast: James Pravasilis, Bianca Jamotte Laroux,

Brook Hoover, Christian Keiber

Writer: James Pravasilis
Producer: James Pravailis, Christian Keiber,

Bill Sorvino

Photo 9 ImmovableObject_creditRobinMitchell_1052_edited.jpg

Immovable Objects

Directed by Manu Kurewa

Immovable Objects explores the plight of a small family who find themselves forced out of their home at the onset of the Covid pandemic. Following the fortunes of a young mother and children

across a single day, it charts the beauty

of the childhood world against the grim

reality of what the day brings.

Cast: Marlene Madenge, Noah Madenge,

Sean Kurewa Writer: Aileen Ritchie
Producer: Carol Brown


Everything Collaspes

Directed by Stefano Recchia

Freely inspired by the novel “Things fall apart” by Chinua Achebe, this short film is a modern and allegorical “Odyssey” of a migrant, Chinedu, who cross the Mediterranean sea in search of fortune...

Cast: Christel Akouala, Tullio Sorrentino,

Tezeta Abraham

Writer:Stefano Recchia
Producer: Stefano Recchia, Pierpaolo Cortesi



Directed by Karly Jo

Beautiful tells a story about a man who sees himself as hideous and repulsive and carries around unrelenting pain and suffering. He has a choice to become the one thing he has wanted all his life, to become beautiful.
But his choice comes with a price. A sacrifice must be made in order for him to feel beautiful.

He can continue to live his life in pain and suffering, or for an unknown price, he can change it all.

Cast: Steve Dawson, Manny Casimir, Tatum Price, Eddie Blackwell

Writer: Steve Dawson
Producer: Jamie Ohlsen


The Negative

Directed by Tommy Bentz

A struggling writer finds a fabled “Cabin of Success” in the woods, where anyone who stays there becomes everything they’ve ever wanted. But before his dream is realized, he comes face to face with the answer to the question: What would you sacrifice to be successful?

Cast: Tim Torre, Mark McClain Wilson

Writer: Tommy Bentz
Producer: Brooklyn Wilde


The Eyes
Directed by Mike Timm

Hope you enjoy this 80s-esque sci-fi horror “creature feature” as much as we did making it.

Cast: Ace Marrero
Writer: Mike Timm
Producer:Mark Pommett, Jason J Marchi,

Chris Le Kooreman


Directed by Bernadette L. Speakes

When two bystanders fail to rescue a homeless street mime from dying, both are terrorized by a vengeful “playful” entity who manipulates their fantasies into fatality - by way of “mime control”.

Writer: Mike Allen Lera

Producer: Khadijah Louis Fanaka


Zero Method 

Directed by Ben Myers

It’s 2082, and a renegade chrono-refugee joins a cult of rogue time travelers, risking everything in a desperate attempt to break the prime rule of time travel that separates him from his old life; going

to the future is permanent, but travel to the

past is only temporary.


Cast: Ben Myers, Mu-Shaka Benson,

Imani Pearl Wilson Writer: Ben Myers
Producer: Nicholas Richter


Out and About 

Directed by Peter Callahan

Inside the mind of a middle aged man as he tries to come to terms with his life

over the course of an afternoon walk

through his hometown.

Cast: Peter Callahan
Writer: Peter Callahan
Producer: Ivon Visalli,

Konstantin von Krusenstiern, Amy Sprock

On / Off
Directed by Nicolas P. Villarreal

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Writer: Nicolas P. Villarreal

Producer: Nicolas P. Villarreal

"Most Awards Won by a Short Film"

Guinness World Records



Rent a Neighbor

Directed by Jim Morrison

Waylon, a stubborn local who resides in

a quaint seaside town, is confronted by

tourists searching for their short term


Cast: Bill Kitzerow, Amie Sponza

Writer: Jim Morrison
Producer: Stacey Schwitzer

I Mustache You

Directed by Shara Ashley Zeiger

“I Mustache You” is a whimsical magical realistic comedy, inspired by Buster Keaton, Looney Tunes, and NYC about Abby, a woman with social anxiety, OCD and agoraphobic tendencies

who receives an invitation to love,

self acceptance, and the outside world.

Director: Shara Ashley Zeiger

Cast: Shara Ashley Zeiger
Writer: Shara Ashley Zeiger
Producer:Shara Ashley Zeiger

Composer:Leeran Z. Raphaely


The Manager Position 

Directed by Craig Trow

Months after losing his job, a man is still unable to tell his wife.



Cast: Curtiss Cook Jr., Jackie Hoffman,

Kerina Willis, Charlie McElveen

Writer: Craig Trow
Producer: Alexandera Boyd, Brandt Cook,

Addison Dent, Andrew Carlberg


Couple of Guys 

Directed by Debra Markowitz

A newly divorced attorney on the verge of

coming out meets a flirtatious rocker in a record store.





Cast: Lukas Hassel, Sal Rendino,

Abigail Hawk, Deborah Twiss

Writer: Debra Markowitz
Producer: Debra Markowitz, John Marean


Directed by Ben Meyer, Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu

A fresh and hilarious take on the old Greek tale of King Midas. The story follows the King, as his daughter, Marigold, desperately attempts to get him to see past his boundless greed — until Dionysus makes his godly entrance, bestowing upon the old king the ability to turn anything he touches to gold, and to chase his greedevermore.

Cast: Ben Meyer, Ian Worthington, Justin McElroy, Karenna Foley, Clayton Songv Writer: Ben Meyer
Producer: Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu


RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island

Directed by Heidi Hutner (First Feature Film)

An award-winning feature documentary about the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown--the worst commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history. RADIOACTIVE covers the never-before-told stories of four intrepid homemakers, two lawyers who took the local community’s case all the way to the Supreme Court, and a young female journalist who was caught in the radioactive crossfire.
RADIOACTIVE features activist and actor Jane Fonda--whose film, CHINA SYNDROME (a fictional account of a nuclear meltdown), opened 12 days before the real disaster in Pennsylvania.
RADIOACTIVE also breaks the story of a radical new health study (in process) that may finally expose the truth of the meltdown. For over forty years, the nuclear industry has done all in their power to cover up their criminal actions, claiming, as they always do, “No one was harmed and nothing significant happened.”
In this thrilling feminist documentary, indomitable women fight back against the nuclear industry Goliath to expose one of the worst cover-ups in U.S. history.

Cast: Beth Drazba, Paula Kinney, Joanne Doroshow, Michelle LeFever Quinn Writer: Heidi Hutner
Producer: Judith Helfand, Richard Saperstein, Heidi Hutner, Suzanne Kay

Screenplay Features

10 to 1

Written by Christopher Soucy

Ten international assassins are hired to kill one anther with a payday of $100 million to the last one standing.

Chris Soucy is a theater and film professional living in Savannah, Georgia.



Written by Nate Raven

A gay couple struggles with the challenges of adoption, while a single woman who runs her own business navigates the complexities of an accidental pregnancy.

Nate Raven is a writer and actor currently living in Los Angeles. He spent the early part of his career in NYC pursuing musical theater and traveling the world performing in musicals and plays. As a writer, Nate has since written two award winning short films, an Off-Broadway immersive play, and has four different TV series ready to be picked up. Nate is Creative Director, and Lead Script Doctor at IFT Network.


The Bare Essentials

Written by Henry P. Gravelle

CINDY FROMME joins a small police department in Florida staffed by a laid-back, relaxed force as their new detective. She is quickly thrust into her first case; the murder of a guest at a Nudist Park, a hole plunged into his chest. Cindy must locate the weapon, and learn how it was carried unseen, by whom, and where it is?

Henry P. Gravelle is a published Author, Screenwriter, and Playwright whose catalog includes nearly fifty short stories, several novellas, and novels including a western and a paranormal detective series.


Bob’s Best Friends

Written by Bill Redding

A man finds comfort from his ability to connect with dogs as he strives to return to normalcy after surviving a life shattering stroke.


Defender of the Damned

Written by Brett Edwards

When an elderly man is murdered, and the accused is battered and coerced into
a confession, Maverick & Dailey are summoned to defend him. As they investigate the foggy events surrounding the crime, Maverick begins to question his morals along with those closest to him. Digging deeper, and dragging his friends into
the well of crime to uncover the truth—while being hunted by a past victim with
a score to settle—Maverick learns he’s involved as much as the psychopath he’s defending; and that unwavering loyalty to his friends will be tested against the will to exonerate himself.



Written by Sabrina Seidner

When a quirky actress loses the lead role as a Holocaust survivor in an experimental new play by a celebrated playwright, she sinks deeper into a relationship with a manipulative man. His lies and her punishing diet catch up to her and she ends up in a psych ward where she finds deeper strengths and resolve she never knew she had.


Dying for Love

Written by Charles Egan and Patrick Egan

A group of high school friends -- gripped by the angst and awkwardness of young love - stumble into an ill-fated party at a remote funeral home. All but our teen hero and heroine are murdered by an ingenious villain -- who’s also the least suspected person at the party. In the end, it’s a question of who will die for love and who will kill for love. Terrifying, suspenseful, and at times even humorous, this coming of age roller coaster ride celebrates the teen psycho thriller genre.

Greyhound 1170

Written by Zach Jansen

An ambitious Hmong immigrant and a narcissistic American struggle to keep their respective lives from falling apart as they unknowingly move toward a fateful encounter on a Greyhound bus. Inspired by a true event.



Written by Jason Scott Goldberg

A man with halitosis learns that he has the key to saving the world living inside his mouth...a parasitic alien named Hal.

Comps: “Venom” meets “The Dead Zone” with the absurdity of “Guns Akimbo.”


Mincemeat Manor

Written by Hedley Harlan

After accidentally waltzing his ravishing wife into a cattle pulverizer of his own creation, disgraced inventor, Hiram Sedgwick, and enemies hold a séance to set the record straight with the dearly departed spouse. Once again, plans do not go accordingly, and the house comes to life in this horror romp where the pets talk, the appliances attack, the blackboards write of their own accord, and the zombies sing and dance.


Muntor’s Last Stand

Written by Frank Freudberg

An ex-FBI agent who’s lost his moral compass must find himself before he can stop a cunning madman out to destroy Big Tobacco to avenge the deaths of his wife and daughter.


Push Me Pull You

Written by Carnell Staples

In a world where everyone, at the beginning of each day, can switch sexes randomly, two strangers struggling to find love in the big city embark on a romantic and sometimes hilarious journey to discover that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.


The Tale of the Daughter

Written by Taylor Hinds, Savannah Sivert, Jazlyn Yoder

When a stroke-ridden mother’s debt arrives for the reckoning, her estranged caretaker daughter must bear the cost in order to survive.

Screenplay Shorts


Written by Darren Bailey

In the near future, a grieving widow rents an A.I. companion created in the exact likeness of her deceased husband.


Do Unto Others

Written by Joseph Michael Leone

An elderly woman and a middle-aged business banker form a bond based on mutual respect and the “Golden Rule.”

One good deed leads to another in this feel-good drama about living the golden rule. A chance encounter of two kindred spirits leads to enlightenment and realization of purpose as they lean upon one another for strength and support in their hour of need.



Written by Andrew Riley

When his wife keeps waking in the middle of the night with an ominous knock knock joke, a concerned husband believes she’s been cheating on him, but when he enlists the help of his obnoxious friend, they find the truth is far more deadly than they could imagine.


The Delusional P.A.

Written by Frank P. Mancuso

A production assistant takes revenge on a cast in a movie who is mean to him on set.


On the Last Day

Written by Rachel S. Thomas

A deceitful actor faces reckoning at the hands of a zealous extra for betraying his director wife during a macabre stage production.


Paperplate Face

Written by Chad Trudgeon

An 80’s comedy-horror about a group of college students who take an excursion to a remote cabin for Spring Break and encounter a maniacal killer donning a paper plate mask.

“He chose the most convenient possible mask, so you KNOW he’s ready to kill!”



Written by Anthony Divastanzo

When the opportunity to move forward arrives at his doorstep, a mortician must decide whether to heal or hide.

The Great Rising

Written by Matthew Leo Charles Allen

English rebel Wat Tyler is pushed over the edge by plague, famine, taxes, and war - and forced into leading a revolt against a young king who never loses his trust.


Juvenile Svengalis

Written by Amy Axelson

A twelve year old boy from a wealthy family teams up with a seventeen year old boy, the son of a coachman to learn the art of hypnotism. Together, they discover their natural talents which cause a hypnotic craze in Eau Claire, WI and beyond. Based on the true crime podcast Juvenile Svengalis, a fictionalized version of the hypnotic craze during the Gilded Age of Eau Claire, WI.


Midge & Molly

Written by Jessica Schladebeck


Old Timers

Written by Cassie Greutman

Synopsis not provided.


Written by Matt Peterson

A pair of best friends from Jersey, a stripper and a virgin, own an image management firm in LA; taking all incoming for new and established talent.

TV Pilot/Web Series


Alexander Cimini THE GOLDSMITH Alexander Cimini was born in Bielefeld, Germany, on July 11, 1975. Soon began studying the piano, winning numerous awards in piano competitions. From an early age showed great passion for cinema and music for films that already begins to grow vigorously to fifteen years. As a film composer, he composed the music of the following movies, Theater Piece and Video Performance Art


Dawn Young WHO I AM

This music video is of a song written for use in our documentary on the subject of Alzheimer's disease.

Victor Munoz JULIA is a little story about loss and loneliness, told only with images and music.

(Víctor Muñoz) is an independent and self-taught composer and sound designer from Spain. Profoundly inspired and influenced by films and videogames since the very early days in his infancy, delves into the world of music after beginning his Engineering studies. He learns how to play the bass by himself, taking part in several bands of different styles (ranging from alternative rock and pop to metal) as a bass player, second voice and composer. At the same time, he occasionally experiments producing simple works for orchestral instruments.

After graduating, he ends his stage as a band musician and begins to publish small instrumental pieces, which ultimately leads him to work as a composer and sound designer of promotional material, short films, plays and indie video games.

Nowadays, he balances his passion for music and composition of soundtracks with his activity as an engineer in the aerospace industry.



The year is 1899, the Gilded Age and the Christmas Season. Francis Alexander departs from his home in Summit Springs, Pennsylvania to New York City to represent a client at the Interstate Commerce Commission. This would be his last trip alive. On entering the NYC Warton Hotel Francis is surrounded by not only individuals from his past but also the present, who want him dead. Was it suicide as stated on his death certificate or was it murder? 


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